Customer confidentiality 

Confidentiality is one of the key principles we work with. We believe that confidentiality is central to the trust between our staff and our customers.

It is our policy that everyone who uses our service:

  • Has the right to expect that information about them will be held in confidence.

  • Your informations are safe with us. We will never share this with third parties

  • Knows that the information they provide will only be used for the purposes for which it was given.

  • Understands that information about them will not be released to any person outside of Star Taxis without their consent, unless conditions for breaching confidentiality are met.

Breaching confidentiality

Breaching confidentiality means telling someone information about you without your consent.

We believe that confidentiality should only be breached in exceptional circumstances such as:

  • If you tell us something which leads us to believe you or someone else may be at risk of serious harm or abuse, or assisting a serious criminal offence

  • If there is a court order for disclosure

Our Aims:

1. We aim to provide high standards with our services. We will appreciate what you have to say to us to improve our services.

2. We will NEVER overcharge credit cards. You will pay exactly what it is.

3. We are trying to offer every possible way of payment. On Credit Cards the is no overcharge!

4. You will get a clean car everytime. 

5. We will try to beat any quotation you may have. 

6. While we are trying to answer every call, please accept our apologies if we cannot answer. Instead you can use ONLINE Booking service.

Know your rights

When you hire a taxi or pre-book a private hire vehicle you have certain rights. These are:

  • the driver must only charge the fare that is shown on the meter unless the fare is agreed before the journey commences

  • the driver must comply with your instructions as to route etc

  • the driver must take you to your destination by the shortest possible route

  • the driver must not allow other passengers to share the vehicle without your agreement

  • when requested, the driver should assist in loading and unloading luggage and should also carry it to or from a house, station or place where the passengers are taken up or set down

         (This are your legal rights - taken from Exeter taxi licensing website)



Boring Rules!

1. In our cars is illegal to smoke or vape! For long journeys our customers can ask us to stop to have a cigarette.

2. No food or drinks to be consumed in our vehicle except the one we offer for long or executive journeys.

3. While we do not take dogs in our cars, exception will be the guide dogs which by law we cannot refuse! We love animals in general but at same time we are trying to keep clean and nice scented vehicles.

4. Soiling the vehicle will imply a charge of 60£ by law. 

5. Please tell the driver your prefered route if you have one.

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